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The Pulse O2DA Armory is an online subscription based portal dedicated to firearms training.

As a PULSEO2DA Armory subscriber, you get immediate access to our Strategy, Tactics and Drills manuals (both HTML and PDF versions). These PDF versions are exactly the same as our hard copy manuals and are available, online, whenever and wherever you may be. Second, you get access to all of our gunfighting resources, online, including articles, white papers, manuscripts, links and commentaries - updated and added to weekly - on topics including: Gunfighting, John Boyd, Task Triad, Levels of Competence, Color Code, Shock Triad, Skills Factory Triad, Power Triad, Learning Triad, Psychological Aspects and Maneuver Theory. If you're interested in the theory, strategy and tactics behind gunfighting then you'll need to join the O2DA Armory. The contents are updated weekly and you can join for as long as you. 


We have one objective at Pulse O2DA - to teach our clients the gun fighting skills necessary to win the fight of their life. To master the chaos that results when a lethal force confrontation is thrust upon you. We don't teach competitive shooting or recreational gun handling skills. We teach a devastatingly effective gun fighting methodology we created called the Pulse Engine, a method that quite simply unravels an adversary. Properly engaged the Pulse Engine is virtually unstoppable, causing panic and confusion in your adversary so that they literally "fold back" on themselves. The Pulse Engine integrates the power of your subconscious with your own body's natural movements and reflexes to high stress that "pulse" between observation and acting - between animal instinct and human reasoning. The Pulse Engine is fueled via observation which generates situational awareness - an awareness that allows you to exploit and amplify adversarial vulnerabilities. An awareness that generates the operating tempo necessary to shape and defeat adversarial movements and actions. Pulse O2DA offers the best firearms training available. If you are serious about weapons training and you enjoy learning not just the mechanics, but also the theory, strategy and tactics that allow you to dominate a lethal threat confrontation - then you should seriously consider registering for a Pulse course. We have structured our training resources in a manner that makes them both accessible and affordable beginning with free resources you can access on our blog Warriors and Capitalists. Next, we offer the Pulse O2DA Armory - an on-line $9.95 per month subscription based portal that gives you complete access to our training manuals, videos and reference sources. Then we offer 4 course formats designed to take the gun novice up the ladder to "Master of Chaos".